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Martin Daubney MEP ➡️

Brexit man with megaphone alert! If you’re making people laugh in the rain then you’ve achieved something Shortly…

16 hours ago

Apurva Vishwanath

This. Whenever you hear someone asking why women don't speak up, shove it in their face.

21 hours ago

Jon Miller

Did anything ever come of that story revealing MLK to be a rapist or did we just shove it under the rug?

1 day ago

Alec Heil

As much as I love my laptop I’ve spent so many hours on it working this week I’m just gonna shove it in a corner an…

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@deeijaa Shove it 😂😂😂 but thank you 💓💓

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Barstool Sports

NCAA College Football video games are BACK

1 month ago


.@weareoneEXO is coming back! A report says EXO is releasing their sixth album later next month. Our sources als…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

“Over in Europe and Japan they have NEGATIVE RATES. They get paid to borrow money. Don’t we have to follow our comp…

1 month ago


@PixelGirlPlays is the winner of the wood burning ! . I wish I could make one for everyone who participated . I app…

1 month ago

ranrøjooB nitfuT

RT @MikeDrucker: BOOMERS: “Millennials don’t work hard enough” ALSO BOOMERS: “Why aren’t millennials taking three hour lunches and then co…

1 month ago