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Rob Reiner

Having lived through Watergate, I can say with absolute certainty, that it was child’s play compared to what we’re…

23 hours ago

Georges FENECH

#terrorisme.#justice. La stupéfiante clémence de la cour d’Appel spéciale de Paris à l’égard de 2 djihâdistes toulo…

1 day ago

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you don’t use your turn signal when driving, then you’re an idiot. That’s it. Have a good day.

23 hours ago

❌ Ghostly Rider ❌

RT @paulsperry_: See full list of 31 vulnerable Dems who may rethink impeachment vote ...

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RT @iam3ddie: If you have Fibre then get ups’s so that you can still have internet connectivity even when electricity is off, the Fibre doe…

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radostin georgiev

Виж Радостин в Badoo!

3 weeks ago

Angel Atanassov

Поговори с Angel и други готини хора наоколо, след като влезеш в Badoo!

3 weeks ago


Виж Vladislav в Badoo!

3 weeks ago

Todorka Miteva

Влизаме в Твоите дворове, Господи! Дари ни с благодатта, от която се нуждаем днес! Води ни и нека Твоята слава оси…

3 weeks ago

Doncho Mazhlekov

@yurukov Използвай калъп (shoetree), че виж как са се прегънали. Освен това се работи по-удобно.

3 weeks ago