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Gangsters In Gurdwara - GUPT | ANONYMOUS - SIKH SANGAT

3 days ago

$/mR@n #BLM Is no one going to address the absolute horrid comments in this thread? These few people c…

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singh may

@prince07660187 @Dharma_View @HSS5791 @zainabsikander kaunsi duniya mein rehta hai tu?

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Random Stack

@_bunnybrowneyes @MehnoorDhillon @petersingh206 @bobbyhope123 @aamergeddon @kwilliam111 @wrongthinkQC…

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RT @Hussain18203170: #StopTargetingSikh First Muslims now Sikhs, your turn is next? Raise your voice or ready to face? What’s your option?…

2 days ago