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Cris Kipasula II

@KAKULESIKULI5 @gsrail Sikuli, va faire une formation en droit ça va t'aider à comprendre comment les choses se pas…

2 hours ago

Nyaboke 🇰🇪

Bread and ugali they are too available. Hizo hua sikuli willingly...

3 hours ago

Kaizen 🇲🇼

You can't negotiate extension? Amwene, kuMalawi sikuli bwino kuno. Khalani konko ndithu

1 day ago

andalia maureen

@keyamour @corriemwende @eugineprince haiyaaaaaa. ok sikuli from Friday by the way

1 day ago

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Kamala Harris

We’re on day 25 of the government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of Americans aren’t getting paid because the pres…

1 day ago

Joyce Alene

Drones. Tunnels. Boats. Planes. Mail. Smuggling across legal checkpoints. (It doesn’t become true just because you…

1 day ago


“ Naarkkaali” is not the title of my next project , pls stop spreading rumors.

1 day ago

วว —

RT @onfireforjumpol: BD Project from OffJumpol_ChinaFC x OffGun_MYFC🙏🏼 📍 Terminal 21 Asok (All media screens) 🗓 2019.01.16 - 2019.02.05 B…

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RT @kenesu: Heyo #ArtistsofSEA ! I'm a Filipino-Canadian designer who uses art to connect to my culture. Here's a little peek of my thesi…

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