Skateboards tweets

Kellin ✌

@Keyy_Shaa I hate skateboards :)

6 years ago

that bitch.

Why date a white guy with flippy hair who plays hockey and skateboards? Please explain what is so great about them.

6 years ago

Shawn Lee

P2 Skateboards? They're not just light & strong. They give you pop. They just bring you up there and you can really feel it you know?

6 years ago

Ruben Ruiz

@kicks2fresh93 i've never seen anybody on skateboards yet. I'm saving up for the Money dust when you run

6 years ago

Henry Cuellar

@r_ruiz56 lol I've seen ppl on skateboards and they weren't even fast

6 years ago


RT @HillaryOlshever: #EasilyAtrractedTo tattoos, skateboards, ability to play guitar

6 years ago


Well no not really attacked me but he just went after me. The lady was like "OMG I'm sorry he just really loves skateboards"

6 years ago

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