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roihana fauziah

Rainbow up in d sky, blue above so high, fly into a goodbye..

8 years ago


RT @TheDisneyBook: The sky is perfectly blue. The clouds are perfect too. And here I am with you, what could be more right? –Pooh

8 years ago


RT @mikko: Driving by the countryside, I saw this great view to a green hill under a blue sky. Just had to stop to take a photo. http:/ ...

8 years ago


@shell24_7 What kind of filter did you have to use to get the blue sky? @CLEmlbgirl

8 years ago

Red Gage JS

Blue lake water and sky host golden yellow sunset colors with a touch of orange. nature photo

8 years ago


Blue sky

8 years ago

panji asmara

bLue.. bLue sky.. ♫ Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden (at diDaff Ice Cream) —

8 years ago

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