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Benjy Sarlin

“You can’t con an honest man,” is the phrase I always thought of at rallies in 2016. Few people really believe ever…

1 week ago

Aaliyah 🌺

@Alebrimo @ALAR5K33TL0RD @DrunkSEC_Fan @americanliv @mldubya73 Like I said, I know that phrase. Senior in college h…

1 hour ago

J.P. Nava 🇺🇸

Elections have consequences isn’t just a nice phrase we say to sound smart, it’s true

2 hours ago


@ChaseCherub @chsbulldogs92 @TomiLahren Also, just saying...the phrase "defense OF line" has more than likely never…

2 hours ago

Mark Z

@Roscoe_Notrub @mskaty39 @PressSec @POTUS Ad hominem is another phrase that Tea Party dumbasses say over and over.…

3 hours ago

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Adam Schiff

Russian troll accounts were still active on Twitter as recently as this year, interfering in our politics. We will…

5 hours ago

Laura Ingraham

Imagine what they’d say if a restauranteur did same to a prominent member of Obama’s White House staff....

5 hours ago

Xbox FR

Pour fêter la sortie the #TheElderScrollsOnline #Summerset : RT & Follow pour tenter de gagner l’édition collector…

1 day ago


RT @xrxbxs: começo flertando na brincadeira quando vo ver ja to vendo se a pessoa ta online e pq n ta falando cmg

4 hours ago