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Allow us to introduce ourselves & try some interesting American trends in the first episode of NCT 127 American Sch…

1 month ago

Tim Pool

Rotten Tomatoes is the clearest picture of the divide between the media class and regular people Media is becoming…

1 month ago

Joe Walsh

He lies about big things. He lies about small things. He lies when he wakes up. He lies when he goes to bed. He lie…

1 month ago

Yuniddo_Overseas Manager

Please stream Radio Star's 2019 version of Song Yuvin and Baek Jiyoung's "Saebyeok Garosu-gil." #송유빈 #새벽가로수길…

1 month ago

yes, no, maybe so

RT @supermarkusa: Anyone else “downloading a song meant trying to tape it off the radio while hoping the DJ didn’t talk over the song” year…

1 month ago