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Kyle Griffin

Social media users are signing up for tickets to Trump's rally in New Hampshire — with no intention of showing up.…

14 hours ago

The New York Times

Passengers on a flight from Dallas to Newark were ordered back to their assigned seats after — in an attempt to gai…

3 hours ago


ESTE viado que vos tuíta muito se orgulha de ser viado e de respeitar a si e aos outros ao usar máscara e cumprir o…

13 hours ago


RT @SethAbramson: It seems to me there are two groups of people on social media with respect to COVID-19: those who said the reopening woul…

just now


me while i was on my month break when my friends would call me and tell me about social media influencer star bs

just now

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Ian Hunter

Baseball is back!* *And by back, I mean amid a a global pandemic where MLB staff have tested positive recently, fa…

2 weeks ago

Clay Travis

The reality is a player testing positive should be considered proof the testing plan works. It also makes everyone…

2 weeks ago


@AlanShipnuck Dang, I thought we hit the positive tweet train!!!

1 week ago