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Rita Panahi

It’s one thing to virtue signal about social justice to sell products to idiot Lefties but it’s considerably worse…

1 month ago

Bethany S. Mandel

There’s so many posts by people who virtue signal and claim to be “strict with social distancing” who have also gon…

2 months ago

Emily M. Farris

Cue the bat signal for 1000 social scientists tweeting to tell you suburbs aren't the lily-white 1950's sitcom plac…

1 month ago

Jeanne d'Ark

RT @shutdownBV: Over 20 years of campaining have finally paid off: demos, awareness & social media have all played their part in closing d…

1 month ago

Zero Immigration

RT @H0pTweets: @kfv881 @hemjhaveri @MarkLazerus It’s money/economic standing, it’s completely political. Unless if you’re a white liberal m…

1 month ago

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Cardamine (is watching Legend of the Blue Sea)

#LeeMinHo fans: "I miss him sooo much, he hasn't updated his insta in 5 days and his other social media in 7 hours.…

1 month ago