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Piers Morgan

Good luck to all you lunatics running the London marathon today. I’ll be running a nice bath, reading the papers, l…

1 day ago

Denise Dresser

¿Cómo que no hago nada? Aquí estoy, desde mi sofá, contestándole a usted. Buenas tardes. 🙏

19 hours ago

MotoGP en Movistar+

¿Estáis preparados? Suponemos que estaréis en el sofá y con el mando de la televisión secuestrado porque lo que vie…

22 hours ago


#импровизация арс: как говорит серега: лучше поздно, чем Шастун серега: я так не говорил арс: да? ну ладно ХВХЫХ…

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Bill Maher

Wonder why Fake News resonates so much with Trump fans – because so much of it is fake. Just nonsense made to keep…

1 month ago

Cameron Kasky

Florida is not disheartened by the pathetic choices made by our lawmakers. We’re simply excited to kick them out an…

1 month ago

Vice President Mike Pence

On this special day in 1931, the Star Spangled Banner became our National Anthem. As a proud Nation, we must always…

1 month ago

(๑′°︿°๑) 아 담


1 month ago

Nestel was @ Game IN

RT @SuperStarvingW: Some dream animation projects I'd like to make someday, in no particular order: An adaptation of the TMNT Turtles In T…

1 month ago