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R.I.P Camille. ♥

When those people call your house to sell irrelevant, useless stuff. I keep thinking, HOW DF DID YOU GET MY NUMBER...

6 years ago

Bizcaf Toronto

Toronto MLS listing only 3 5 Gta Full service listing with effective marketing. Sell your house or cond...

6 years ago

Avril Brown

RT @kninteriors Looking to sell your house but nervous to do it in the winter?? Tips for you!!

6 years ago

Preshauna Ewing

Do you buy your pants on sell? Because at my house they would be 100% off ****

6 years ago

The Audience

QOTD: Should you #sell your #house and #downsize? If you're debating swapping your home for a smaller one, email

6 years ago


@Shihab_8 NoNo course not! You're going to sell your tv to buy me a house cus im homeless :P i wanna eat one tho i have a big appetite! :L

6 years ago

Mr. G

@alaynafanni I'm tryin to sell you some books. You at your house?

6 years ago

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