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Cory Doctorow #BLM

Within days of the lockdown, this technological oppression raced up the privilege gradient in the form of "invigila…

1 week ago

Umar Faruk Abdulhamid

Despite our critics, no govt in the past have done what PMB did in terms of hardware or software tools need to supp…

19 hours ago


@Sample_HLNA @ZhugeEX Its a me problem that owners of hardware and software I didn't own have reported problems inc…

1 day ago

Olivier Lacan

Microsoft apologises for feature criticised as workplace surveillance Actu- ally surprised t…

1 day ago


RT @mary__retta: And according to VICE, Proctorio is now suing or otherwise harassing users who are openly critical of the software. More h…

1 day ago

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