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State House Uganda

The Pilot solar Project to be commissioned today, covers Namulaba and Butiti villages, Kabulasoke sub county in Gom…

6 days ago


@GreenCap13 It's a direct function of wind and gas. They provide lots of power, some of the time. Supply gets shu…

27 minutes ago

Mary St George

@NZecowarrior @ThePanelRNZ Yes, require well-insulated, energy-efficient homes, with direct solar heating of hot wa…

42 minutes ago

Dave Sullens

Conditions for the installation of the Solar panels: - Positioning of the panel - Direction of the roof - Angle of…

1 hour ago

Rachel Danowski

RT @DKeithClimate: I am skeptical of some claims by @ycombinator about CDR & worried about VC $$ flowing to solar geoengineering (See: http…

1 hour ago

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