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Reclaiming Rhodesia

@JonahofNinevah @Anontruther911 With regard to the BLM Peaceful Protests & Fed Banks, I suspect Catherine Austin Fi…

1 month ago

Warlock do Diabo

@LeonaEvangelica Te agradeço Leoninha, por proteger meu cabrito, antes da minha jornada errando cabeçadas, eu era m…

1 month ago

Claudia Elle

@T0xicHead Ich habe keine Ahnung und ich habe keine Theorie. Manchmal frage ich mich aber, wohin die Trillionen hi…

1 month ago

Grattan Healy

RT @TheSolariReport: Interview with Saker on Russia now public

1 month ago

Lady Bret

@o_rips @realDonaldTrump Either that or they should stop calling these injections (which shouldn’t even qualify as…

1 month ago

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