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Dana Loesch

This is insane. So rioters shot and killed an 8 year-old. It’s not about Rayshard Brooks or George Floyd anymore. F…

1 day ago

charli d’amelio

stop deflecting you’re actions onto others because you can’t take responsibility chase. want me to talk about how y…

9 hours ago

James Woods

You don’t care about this person or these issues or anything but your own ruthless ambition. Get back on your knees…

1 day ago

Deborah Trumpster ⭐️⭐️⭐️💥

RT @ScottAdamsSays: Did he “ram his car into protestors” or did he accidentally hit two people while trying to escape a dangerous situation?

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RT @SAITUYO114514: 【フォロワーさんに鬼の1分支援🎁】 ☑️内容👇 欲しいも- のリストor好きなギフカ1500円 ☑️対象者👇 @SA- ITUYO114514 @meniichigo ・2名のフォロー ・RT ☑️抽選方法:非公開 ☑️- 結果:1分後締め切…

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