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RT @ItsAngieSantana: If #FEELINGS Was RnB'd Down This Is Probably How It Would Sound 🙏💞🎤🎶 One Of My Favorite Records Out. @reece_youngkin…

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I liked a sound on @SoundCloud 3. SeyN AQ - Cyber Feelings by @officNeonlights on #SoundCloud

44 minutes ago


everyone in the house ( except one of my bros ) uses an iphone so my feelings be getting cheated when i hear that notif sound :'-)

57 minutes ago

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Matthew Yglesias

Trump has taught Republicans that even unsubtle, clearly false lies can be sound political strategy.

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

The left cares more about people's feelings in the middle east than the economic well being of people in middle America

1 month ago


Samuel Kim relays his feelings about the fans petition after failing to make the Top 11 on 'Produce 101'…

1 month ago

Xan Der

RT @2SCAR_lettSG: @Hugotera_0608 @kauwri06 @BiveMarivic @HusayAldub @cobiekyle15 @irmaroxas3 @lovers_feelings @jophie30 @grabesila Padugton…

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THE NEW BLACK GOLD - Deus Ex Song by Miracle Of Sound via @YouTube

1 month ago