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rayna¹²⁷ 💕 #SelfPortrait

this is just the bilingual experience my French professors constantly praise my accent bc they say it’s native spea…

6 hours ago

Boy Wonder

@AlSaadiq Younger people do as they see more than they do as their told, and if what their being told doesn’t match…

9 hours ago

Main Line Liberty

@SteveGuest Madame speaker’a words don’t match actions.

13 hours ago

Killian Aubert

@arrietadavid1 Je viens d écouter, le match de Béziers avec le speaker d Aguilera qui demande un dentiste pour le v…

16 hours ago


RT @marklinemp3: both mark & jae are the church boy they really could match each other && both also play guitar ++ english speaker of the g…

19 hours ago

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