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la chaine L'Équipe

Les joueurs lensois ne le savent pas encore, mais le dernier match de leur saison se jouera au stade Bollaert… à hu…

6 days ago


RT @KEFAudio: Set up the KEF Kube subwoofer wherever it’s most convenient to you; match it to any main speaker or with any type of music sy…

2 hours ago

Bad Lede Bot

A Christian rock-loving childcare worker, Kelsi Gould doesn't match the commonly held image of a weekend Klingon speaker.

4 hours ago

kari rice

@NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor @JLo @AROD Keynote speaker for how to promote being selfish, drug abuse, sleezey, use &…

7 hours ago


Lmao...Antonio is now a motivational speaker #WHUCHE post match interview

7 hours ago

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Bernie Sanders

We need to cut our military budget by 10 percent and invest that money in human needs.

5 days ago

Barbara Lee

Defund the Pentagon budget.

6 days ago

Nancy Pelosi

In the dead of night, the Trump Administration has once again asked the Supreme Court to rip away the protections a…

6 days ago


RT @bobby_segovia: My friend was digging through APD's budget and found this little nugget.

5 days ago

TT on Photography

@strobist: 'The Italian Job is all back together — now with 12.5g Malossi rollers and a new drive belt. Many thank…

5 days ago