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@Alder_Rockmis @ARISEtv Well, guess all that makes Lagos special. If you use a dictionary, you will find that being…

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Z I P - F M 7 7 . 8 M H z

RT @ZIP_SWEETVOX: 「スヌーピー名言英語」今日は「REWARDING」 📚[P- EANUTS DICTIONARY ]📚#174 「満足感が得られる」、「やりがいがある」「有- 意義な」という意味です。 是非フォローして聴いてくださいね- 🌟…

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Fun Quotes :D

HAH! No need to worry, TK. For my special, I wield a GUN! -Dictionary (OE)

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@FrancescoDonald That's also why Jedah's special move DIO SEGA sounds irredeemably funny to any Italian: it doubles…

11 hours ago

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