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Need for speed players knew Burger King before it landed in SA. Retweet if you never noticed either.

11 hours ago

Sebastian T.M. Giddish

Dude I was pulling out of Burger King onto 29th, and there was a cop right up behind my car doing nearly 60, causin…

23 hours ago


Y recordar que previamos vodka con speed en un Burger King #Labizarra

1 day ago

Neal Hudson

@davidhogg111 You want to save lives? Less than 5,000 people are murdered with guns. 12,000 die in speed related…

1 day ago

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Adam Schefter

Here it goes: Seahawks are trading DE Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick to Eagles for a fifth-round pick and…

2 weeks ago

The Associated Press

BREAKING: A Florida grand jury has formally charged Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of murder in the mass shooting at a high school.

2 weeks ago


Breaking: Seahawks are trading DE Michael Bennett and a 7th-round pick to Eagles for a 5th-round pick and WR Marcus…

2 weeks ago

Draymond Greene

@realDonaldTrump Only a piece of trash would use these kids lives as a bargaining chip for a racist monument. You a…

2 weeks ago


Meu deussss a juveeeee

2 weeks ago