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RT @spacecadet: A long fibre optic cable is discovered in the Mariana Trench, it is followed to a mysterious computer deep in the Arctic Oc…

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RT @OmmmmDor: 完成版 Sphereシリーズまとめ動画です #すずらんサー- バー

3 days ago

🎃 Bernkastel 🎃

@RenaJoker1088 The only discord in this sphere (the "Anime Right" I guess) that didn't have that kind of posting wa…

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@jonmmease @jeffrey_heer @get_sphere @vegafusion_io @vega_vis @ApacheArrow letting browser be a facet into magnitud…

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@jonmmease @jeffrey_heer @get_sphere @vegafusion_io @vega_vis @ApacheArrow yes, graphistry does that model with not…

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