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Will Chaddick

@TaanMaan go to Sport Clips by Tom Thumb and my house and ask for Kim. She's who I have cut mine and she's really good.

6 years ago

Tom Soper Photos

Classic YouTube | Shattered stumps, terrific 'tweeners and football's greatest pass masters - via @guardian

6 years ago

Jalbus Moon Frye

@MissHalleyG @herlovesapony girls aren't allowed in sport clips, dummy.

6 years ago

Melissa Nock

@CrashedIce @redbull I've seen clips of this, but watching it online = immense sport! Loving it!

6 years ago

keep this a secret

sport clips -- where i can go and "be a man" and watch "the big game" while getting a "mvp" haircut. see ya in chapter 11 guys.

6 years ago

Shavon Robinson

Me and the pregnant lady lol msgood4ursoul @ Sport Clips

6 years ago

Keaton Johnson

The MVP treatment at sport clips is so solid

6 years ago

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