Spot tweets


RT @nfl: Retweet if you have clinched a #FantasyFootball playoff spot.

11 years ago

John Heath

If you wanna be Happy….CHOOSE to Be Happy

11 years ago

Matthew Hunter

I replied 1) first off, its too early for this. 2) you still got a spot right? She's like 'well yeah but you're a [expletive]'

11 years ago

zach warner

@C_Pulliam #mistake heard that about july.. I wouldnt b in the same spot I am not. July 15th was the best n worst day

11 years ago

ODawg ツ #Ct

@I_AmSantana why u ain't come to mell spot bruh

11 years ago


RT @CaptMurdock: RT @azannaphx: Sam Seder is spot on with why the GOP ios sooo mad. POTUS is forcing them to get specific and they are ...

11 years ago

Ross Grant

RT @MyPOLO_isREAL: I gotta testify..come up in the spot looking extra fly

11 years ago

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