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Mike Furtaw 🎬

RT @sqpn: The return of Vulcans in the 31st century, the Qowat Milat, Burnham's mom and ... First Officer Ensign Tilly?!…

1 hour ago


Say we have space colonies someday and bishops out there. What happens if something wipes out the pope and all bish…

3 hours ago

Thomas J. Salerno

RT @sqpn: Take a deep dive into all the lore about Ahsoka, her mission, the origins of Grogu, and who the Mandalorian and baby Grogu might…

7 hours ago

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Richard Grenell

California has been hijacked by the conformists. And Hollywood is leading the way.

22 hours ago

Asad Umar

Ishaq dar claimed in hardtalk that every survey showed before the election that pml n will win the 2018 elections .…

1 day ago

Rep Andy Biggs

TUNE IN: I'm leading a press conference with several of my House Freedom Caucus colleagues to demand that Attorney…

1 hour ago

Dona Rogers

RT @thehill: Poll: Warnock leading Loeffler, other Georgia Senate runoff race deadlocked

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