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RT @ShadowStepUpDnc: Shadow Step up Dance (SSD) Performance @BSD Plaza Meet up Vinus Of Dance!: via @youtube

7 years ago

Justin Ackermann

My SSD came in the mail yesterday :) My computer is sooooooo fast now :P

7 years ago


baby when SSD come on tonight Ima be dipping so hard to it!

7 years ago

Stuart Savill

RT @jtmcarthur56: Flash Storage Arrays Make Big Fast Data Applications Feasible and Affordable -> Big Data & SSD in same sentence?? really??

7 years ago

Roberto Christian

RT @EricFisherTWC: Typhoon #Bopha on a direct course to the middle of the Philippines, expected to arrive in 2.5 days: ...

7 years ago


Buffalo Launches Thunderbolt Portable SSD

7 years ago

Philipp I.

@TamCore have nearly the same in my T400s, but a SSD with 128GB for OS and most used media, using the 640gb as archive only when needed.

7 years ago

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