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Peter Daou

GOP #IMPEACHMENT QUOTES Here's #MikePence: "The President can incinerate the planet. Seriously, the very idea t…

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Teen Vogue

"The coal miner and pipeline worker know about the environmental costs of their labor, but when faced with the choi…

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Justice Democrats

Medicare for All is the best way to drive down costs and ensure that everyone has the right to quality healthcare.…

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@Jaclynhill congratulations! But where is your signature red? I always thought best highlight or best red lip on the planet💋😩

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Dan Bongino

Never, in my 44 years on this planet, have I seen a group of people so entirely divorced from reality than the grou…

6 days ago

Alie Ward

If they care about children why do school teachers have to buy their own supplies why is healthcare a for-profit…

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Bleacher Report

Dirk’s eating GOOD. Big man says he’s gained 15 pounds since retiring: “I have not worked out once. … I’ve had ice…

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Chowkidar's Sewak

RT @arunv2808: Sadhvi Pragjya claimed 'Godse was a patriot'. This one single statement opened Mohandas' can of worms. All the investment do…

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RT @HealthMentor1: Sending Divine Love & Strengths to All of Humanity, around the World, May we all come together thru the Love of God as B…

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