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Consequence of Sound

Our 2018 Rookie of the Year, Billie Eilish, is not your prototypical teen pop star:

1 day ago

Consequence of Sound

Pickaxe-wielding guitarist says Death Grips "gave me the energy I needed" to destroy Trump’s Walk of Fame star:

2 hours ago

son of an asylum seeker, father of an immigrant

Gorgeous fan-made retro Star Wars propaganda posters nZ

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汝の馬車を星へつなげ。 (エマーソン) 【名言ナビ】 h- ttps:// #meig- en #名言 #星 #star #天文

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俺ハメ撮り撮った記憶ないぞ? 俺はいいけど 個人名出して他人巻き込むのはやめよーな。 #peing #質問箱

2 minutes ago

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Kingdom Hearts

Here in Mexico City, #KingdomHearts III Producer Mr. Shinji Hashimoto just revealed the 100 Acre Wood world! Who el…

1 month ago


#BTS Takes Home 4 Awards At 2018 #PCAs

1 month ago


This is home

1 month ago


RT @you_like_TOP: Why PH iKONICs are lucky: >Jinhwan called it his 2nd home >iKON had their 1st group hug for Continue Tour >Bobby was so…

1 month ago