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kelly armstrong

whoever told me i would like "the road" because i like post-apocalyptic movies was dead wrong. NO STARS EVER.

8 years ago

Izzy flo

RT @YumYumYumBeau: "Aim for the stars and if you land on the moon at least you are better off from where you started." - Beau Brooks.

8 years ago

Anne Curtis-Smith

RT @annecurtissmith: Just finished pictorial for Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw with my well respected co-stars Ms @krisaquino214 & Sir rob htt ...

8 years ago

Luca Napolitano

@emily_whynot 25 dad of christmas stars today what are you talking about!!!!

8 years ago

Rob Geraghty

@PritchardJeffs good to know - we going 7th Jan. Review in Times said only 3 stars - sounds like you say better than that?

8 years ago

Rizky Dwi Satrio

RT @Yunitriwd: December 15th, 2012|Guest Stars: Thirteen, Melody Maker, 12 malaikat gimbal, The day afternoon | HTM :Presale: 20k OTS: 2 ...

8 years ago


RT:Moon (2009) - Review - 3 Stars Moon is a deceptively simple film. Its stark and empty s...

8 years ago

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