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RT @Daneyuuh: Am I ever gonna start cooking healthy and going to the gym and have a proper balanced daily routine or am I gonna be a cow fo…

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Cancer Care Services

The benefits of weightlifting come with form and repetition, not poundage. "‘Start low; progress slow; listen to yo…

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Tooch 🇮🇹🇺🇸 🥃👊🏻

@john_keim Stop with the Trey Quinn madness please. He was the last pick overall for a reason. How many last picks…

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manzi Rwanda

RT @ADixon_WB: A key to building #HumanCapital starts with healthy mothers. Kids can be healthier and better educated & families more prosp…

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jessi: seattle's day :)

i am an emotional eater which is why i am so overweight. i know it's not healthy and i'm trying to get better. i ju…

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Donald J. Trump

Mark Morgan, President Obama’s Border Patrol Chief, gave the following message to me: “President Trump, stay the co…

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Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

Why do our Muslim societies disrespect our women and deprive them from their right to exercise and stay healthy? Wh…

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teams that want to win the world series don’t give 5th chances to D class players. they go out and get what they ne…

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I’m ready to start my life with this guy and@i don’t want to hesitate at all

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