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Los Angeles Times

Californians can expect to see a partial (not total) solar eclipse next week. Here are 8 places to go to watch…

21 hours ago ألمانيا

تجد على الرابط التالي قائمة بأسماء المطاعم الحائزة على تصنيف ميشلين في ألمانيا، أرقى المطاعم وأفضلها…

2 days ago


Two Amatriains, one Aranbaru: Two generations of Basque star power travel to Northern Africa. Full video here:…

1 week ago


@OfficeOfRG You guys have the money for your next 100 generations,you travel abroad every 2nd month,stays in 5 star…

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Roberta Franklin

RT @BarbaraBestBook: Readers recommend THE LINCOLN PENNY #MustRead 5-Star "Love time travel novels. I was not disappointed!" #RRBC #ASMSG h…

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La Bronze James

. @KimKardashian WE do not have to forgive Jeffree Star. Especially when his behavior has not changed.

20 hours ago

Matthew Yglesias

The thing you have to understand is that Hillary Clinton used her personal email account to do work stuff.

16 hours ago

Affinity Magazine

Kim Kardashian, a non black person of color telling black people to get over Jeffree Star's racism. Good morning to…

22 hours ago