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Your RNA May Have Come from Space, Meteor Study Suggests

1 week ago

Science News

Two meteorites contain ribose. This sugar forms the backbone of RNA, molecules that carry out the genetic instructi…

2 weeks ago


【隕石から糖 生命誕生の材料か】 fCAJ 東北大と北海道大、NASAなどのチームが、隕石- (いんせき)からリボ核酸(RNA)を構成するのに必須な糖を- 検出。生命の根幹を担うRNAを構成するのに必要な糖が見つか- ったのは初めて。

2 weeks ago


@cpil120 RNA는 리보오스, DNA는 리보오스로 골격을 형성합니다. 그렇다면 만약 합성중인 DNA에 디-디옥시 리보오스를 첨가하면 어떻게 될까요?

1 week ago


RT @apiksaitama: whats worse than a heartbreak? studying really hard for a subject but ending up with below average grades anyway

1 week ago

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