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Dave Weigel

Democrats will have veto power over Virginia's next post-census electoral map for the first time since 1991.

1 week ago

CBS News

Protests block roads and stop commuter trains as Catalonia faces a general strike over Spain's power grab:…

1 week ago

Eric Schneiderman

Muslim Ban 1 Muslim Ban 2 Muslim Ban 3 Birth control access Abortion rights ACA subsidies DACA Clean Power Plan Ene…

1 week ago

Yelnick McGwawa

This isn't about priveleged power. This is about non-nurtured men who don't know how to be human, but just default…

1 week ago

Public Domain Kitten

RT @rschles: The only way this Roy Moore stuff could be more deja vu-y (complete with qualified calls for him to get off the ballot but no…

1 week ago