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Scott Dworkin

Dr. Jill Biden just did an interview on Fox News, and it was phenomenal. They tried to ask some garbage questions,…

15 hours ago

Oliver Darcy

Watching this @jonathanvswan interview with Trump. Swan is not a TV host, but this is hands down the best TV interv…

1 day ago

Jennifer Rubin

BTW, as you saw in the Axios interview whatever cognitive test he took was insufficient to explain what is wrong wi…

16 hours ago

SB19 Aileenjiji

RT @stellberrycake: That was really gooood. And should be a benchmark prodwise (like their MMA perf). No questions about their performance…

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RT @crank_in_net: 【プレゼント】#乃木坂46 #与田祐希 さんの直筆サイン入りチェキを2名様にプレゼント📸 ✏応募- 方法 1⃣ @crank_in_net をフォロー 2⃣ この投稿をRT🔃 ⚠応募締切:8/16(日)23:59 - ✅応募規約 https://…

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eric addison

RT @defence_truth: Two weeks ago, the Labour Party reportedly settled a six figure sum for libel cases brought by Panorama presenter and 'w…

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