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Clay Travis

New York City requires vaccine passports to eat in a restaurant or go to the gym. Meanwhile less than four hours aw…

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NCT 127

펭수? 지구 말로는 그거 L.O.V.E 😉 Can Pengsoo and NCT 127 stick together, or will NCT 127 send Pengsoo to KWANGYA? 😭 ➫…

5 hours ago

Tears of Themis

✦ A Star in the Night ✦ Vyn's Birthday Event "Reciprocal Hearts" & SSR "A Star in the Night" Coming on September 22…

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Miss Positivity ☀️

RT @jxb_xo: this or nothing

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calamity STAN

RT @julesalboyh: Before I leave to go study, I wanna say I find it hilarious how many solo harries are going on about a “dead ship” when th…

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