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Touya Kazami

รอๆๆ ทำไมเกมฝั่ง Super Sentai ไม่มาแนวนี้นะ

4 weeks ago

ゴーカイジャ- Best of Gokaiger

"The 34 Super Sentai who have protected the smiles of people, they lost their powers fighting the Space Empire Zang…

4 weeks ago


@TokuChris so quick question in regards to the Super Sentai Artisan Robos wiht Hasbro produce those? or is that still under Bandai?

4 weeks ago

Dean McGyver // MarxMayhem

Inb4 lupatorangers have TWO lines in the 45th version of the Super Sentai anniversary song.

4 weeks ago

Craig Warren

@DogTagsCostanzo @HasbroNews @PowerRangers Haha, he has no idea Super Sentai was the inspiration for Voltron. Super…

4 weeks ago

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