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The #cows made by #traditional #Swiss brand #Trauffer now have superpowers! We embedded a small but strong super…

4 weeks ago

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Sinan Oğan

Mecliste milletvekiliyken bu sorular çalınıyor, bunu bir araştıralım dediğimizde "sakın ha, hayır" diyen, bize hönk…

3 weeks ago

Auschwitz Memorial

If you find @AuschwitzMuseum mission important, please - help us educate more people online about the history of Au…

3 weeks ago

Tarek Fatah

Six-year-old Boy beheaded in front of his screaming mother in Saudi Arabia for being a Shia Muslim - Mirror Online

3 weeks ago

someone you don’t know

RT @NanjieGalgalo: Which reminds me , juzi pale 18 your home girl alistep outside kidogo kuenda kuchukua phone call kumbe her girlfriend is…

3 weeks ago