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Jiraya ~「ルドビック」

Enfin à la maison. C'était super sympa cette soirée Hearthstone et en vrai ça ma donné envie de rejouer au jeu ! Ça…

1 day ago

Max Boot

I have a super-secret source of info not available to anyone else. It’s called Trump’s twitter feed.

6 days ago

Andrea Bernstein

Super handy graphic from @akesslerdc et al @cnn try to piece together what we might know if Trump didn’t keep his t…

15 hours ago

Δ Azure Flame Kite Fucker

@akihikologist ohhhH SUPER SECRET

17 seconds ago

Andrés Show ✨

RT @YOURMILEY23: @ladivaza Divalejo es real. La divaza sube video. Roast yourself challenge 2.0. Película sobre la vida de la divaza. Madur…

2 minutes ago

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