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Marvel Entertainment

Lockjaw's not your average dog! Before you see him in "#MarvelRising: Secret Warriors," get to know this super-powe…

2 hours ago

Guy Benson

So there’s a super secret letter, not shared w/ R’s, that cannot be commented on by the people confirming its exist…

1 week ago

john engles

RT @sentinel_hub: @Pierre_Markuse @ESA_EO @CopernicusEU @EODetective @GIS_Sharer Looks super colorful. What is the secret sauce behind it?

4 minutes ago

For God & Country

Contradictory statements from #qanon: We don't have aliens - How close is the nearest star? We have aliens - Supe…

4 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

“Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.” Jeff, this is GREAT, what ev…

4 weeks ago


“He is terrified,” says Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio. “This is 40 years of deceit coming home to torment him.”

4 weeks ago

Jeremy Corbyn

Print too often sets the broadcast agenda, even though it is wedded so firmly to the Tories politically and to corp…

4 weeks ago

Grace Maguire

Needless to say I did not purchase a home in the development. Which is fortunate given how delayed the project is now!!!

4 weeks ago


RT @latimes: A Marin County landlord and his agent are facing criminal charges for allegedly raising the rent on a home by more than $2,800…

4 weeks ago