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chaitanya akkineni

This is sure going to be something super fun !! Oh baby ! @Samanthaprabhu2 at her best .. c…

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The only sure way to reverse the U.S.'s declining birth rate is to do what America has historically done better tha…

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A newborn baby in Tanzania yawns from the comfort of her cozy blankets. Together, we can save newborns by making su…

1 week ago

Mick 🌻

#AnyWayYouSpinIt make sure it’s right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round

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RT @jooniejinies: sure he can hip trust all he wants but we’ll still baby him

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Amber Athey

Trump signs a memorandum recommending travel restrictions on countries who have a high rate of visa overstays, whic…

1 month ago

Elizabeth Warren

I believe the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. There is no…

1 month ago

Kimberley Strassel

Convenient. Only now that Mueller report is out are we getting stories that inform us the dossier was "loaded with…

1 month ago

DWatchNews N America

It’s been exceptionally warm in Greenland lately and ice is melting a month early - The Washington Post

1 month ago

Chris Chua

RT @lucasawilson: We've been using @IntelAI's #Nauta platform in the @DellEMC #HPC and #AI Innovation Lab to take #deeplearning projects fr…

1 month ago