Switzerland tweets

Philip Belayneh

RT @seannmacdonald: Breaking news: tired of waiting the podium has signed in Switzerland taking away the job of an inferior podium. #pod ...


7 years ago

Julian Howatt

Rather depressing to think of #Canada in comparison to such world-class transportation planning. #Switzerland #trains http://t.co/9BwHr2Gd


7 years ago

Camila Lacon 1D

RT @onedirection: Switzerland! Loving the entries for your Swizz-themed 1D album cover. Here's the winning entry! 1DHQ x #BringMeTo1D ht ...


7 years ago

Bill Malley

My foot odor is So offensive Switzerland might even take a stand on the issue


7 years ago

Under The Mistletoe

@Old_School_Love 'xcuse you. Chacogo is in switzerland obviously....... apft pft


7 years ago

The Vintage Vamp

Cool Posters > Davos Switzerland ~ Vintage Swiss Travel Ad Print http://t.co/kxFlPCvj #decor #zazzle #gift


7 years ago


@MrsNBieber well this coming from the one that says chicago is in switzerland, ill take it with a grain of salt


7 years ago

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