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Jim Villa

@LivePDDave1 @cr14carlson @gatewaypundit Who pardoned traitor arms dealer Marc Rich? Oh no? Eric Holder? Why? Hold…

4 hours ago

Asher 🚶🏰🐌🌳🔰

@bufordsharkley But LVT to balance things would require a global implementation, no? Eg land taxes in Beverly Hills…

3 days ago

Gadji Beri Bimba

Followers of Video art posit that Post-conceptualism is a ivory tower for sybarites.

3 days ago

Sandra Davis

The haughty elite. A bunch of sybarites.

4 days ago

Ian Greenwood

@SteveBillingha2 Imagine if those trying and in some cases dying to establish trade unions and the Labour Party had…

5 days ago

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