Symbian tweets


It's the best mobile client... RT @S60v3Community: @Drachmathidayat Gravity the best twitter client for symbian :)

7 years ago


Nokia's new Symbian OS is ugly looking.. Wow #disappointment

7 years ago

Parth Pathak

RT @gauravh1: Both Symbian and BlackBerry OS are true real time OS for mobile devices.

7 years ago


Cheap calls for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry: via @Rynga

7 years ago

Spy App

Best Cell Phone Mobile Spy Software Remotely Read SMS, Check Call & Track GPS Location -> nokia bb android symbian

7 years ago

Gregg Revelo

Symbian Apps I Cannot Live Without

7 years ago

Scott Sax

Looks like I won't get a new phone until late December. Oh well, at least there is WhatsApp. Viber doesn't really work with Symbian phones.

7 years ago

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