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Ian Johnson

Get-ADUser and Get-ADComputer are my two new favourite PowerShell commands. Very useful! #PowerShell #sysadmin #it

1 month ago

Jonathan Aaron Steel

RT @nixcraft: Developers should never manage the production environment ever. Yes that includes linux container based setups too. #truth #S…

1 month ago

Tim Waring

@mulgar Being a Windows sysadmin, it is purely PowerShell, using VS Code to edit. I learnt how to create the module…

1 month ago

Musa Toktaş

Sistem Yöneticilerinin tool bulmada aklında bulundurması gereken adres;

1 month ago


RT @nixcraft: WTF? How the previous sysadmin/IT support mounted the hard disk drive. Via

1 month ago

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