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Chanel Rion OAN

YIKES: Memo from State Dept. on how it qualified Ukrainian elections as “rigged.” Bottom Line: According to our ow…

2 weeks ago

Breitbart News

Top Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature called on Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf to carry out an "immediate audit"…

2 weeks ago

Bree Newsome Bass

Pay close attention to how the people making this claiming are citing no data as the basis for it. Was there an exi…

2 weeks ago


RT @kylegriffin1: Georgia's Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan says his office has not seen any credible examples of voter fraud or disenfran…

2 weeks ago


RT @Global_Mil_Info: Armenian PM Pashinyan has said he has signed a deal with the leaders of Azerbaijan and Russia to end the military conf…

2 weeks ago

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