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Indivisible Guide

Republicans are actively working to unravel Wall Street reform. House Republicans have already voted to gut Dodd-Fr…

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William Seely

Today, in 1979, LtGen Frank E. Petersen became the first African-American promoted to Brigadier General in the…

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Frank Pasemann, MdB 🇩🇪

Erbärmlich! Es geht also nicht um Sachfragen, sondern nur um die Angst vor uns? »Mit einer Neubesetzung des Ministe…

1 day ago

Moni Castellón

RT @EresInteligente: "Quien es feliz hace feliz a los demás también". Anne Frank.

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Jungkook is my Bias❤️

RT @choi_bts2: What Jin is saying on his Vlog is so genuine, frank and warm. His voice is like clean laundry which still has conditioner sc…

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