Tax Brackets tweets

Chris Porter

@jimcramer no to Japan/china but yes to progressive flat tax. Say 10, 15, 20 w/brackets determined by splitting PY filers in 3rds

6 years ago

Morgan Warstler

@conncarroll Our Constitution is 80% encoded smallness. The way to fight class warfare is to align across classes. SMB tax cuts all brackets

6 years ago

Not_so-Freaky ZEEK

@TemeccaKelley what you jumping tax brackets?

6 years ago

Policy Vote

We should have additional income tax brackets above $388,350

6 years ago

❃α∪∩t β❃

RT @ByronYork: Why not use taxes, and now? Offer to accept higher tax rate on top brackets in exchange for entitlement reform?

6 years ago

Bruce Bartlett

@grossdm But will they use same index for adjusting tax brackets?

6 years ago

Vaughan Lovegrove

RT @jbouie: A case for more tax brackets on the higher end: @theprospect

6 years ago

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