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Jae came by the other day we had a talk he apologized for his words and mistake.If anyone knows about Jae as a frie…

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Minor Incursion Poso 🇨🇳

If I have this right: The Democrat President just questioned if the 2022 elections will be legitimate while the D…

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Hillary Clinton

Win or lose, fighting for what's right is always, always, worth it. Thank you to the 48 Democratic senators who v…

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RT @_misacco_: 🌺🐹はむたろーさん代理企画🐹🌺 ✨超豪華✨ AirPods(第三世代) 🎧 or 20,000 pay を1名様にプレゼント🎁 ~参加方法~ @HamuHamu150 と @_misacco_ のフォロー🐹🌺 このツ…

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Undisputed Brandon 2.0

RT @bamelavondoom: Did she serve or was she just skinny in the snow?

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