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Robert Cline

@newton_jim Any possibility of opening a TechShop in Crystal City since Amazon has placed a headquarters there. I…

2 weeks ago

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Donald J. Trump

The Democrats will probably submit a Bill, being cute as always, which gives everything away but gives NOTHING to B…

2 weeks ago

theJewish Voice

BREAKING: A Muslim Cleveland Clinic Doctor has been fired after she threatened to kill Jewish patients by giving th…

2 weeks ago


Latest CBB AP top 10: 1. Duke 2. Michigan 3. Tennessee 4. Virginia 5. Kansas 6. Nevada 7. Gonzaga 8. Michigan State…

2 weeks ago


RT @NellSco: .@Comey broke FBI protocol & damaged our democracy. He warmly greeted Trump. (Lordy, there's a tape.) Then after he got fired,…

2 weeks ago