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Limbo Reverso

O serviço Nintendo Switch Online terá em fevereiro os games Super Mario Bros. 2 e Kirby's Adventure, originais do N…

2 weeks ago


@TooKoulForYou I read this and I got flashbacks of Dino morea from Musu Musu Hasi and Shahid Kapoor in ankhon mein…

2 weeks ago

Regulus Tera

RT @wendeego: i respect yoko taro and yosuke saito hustling to put nier in final fantasy xiv, but yoshi-p making them play the whole game b…

2 weeks ago

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@anthony06108170 @ABCthedrum @gpaddymanning Fibre is PIECEMEAL upgradable. That means, without TOUCHING the line in…

1 week ago