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Martina Hill 

i never use the term "kill youself" but it was necessary for my last tweet.


7 years ago

Nicole Richmond

RT @UberFacts: The term "quirkyalone" refers to someone who enjoys being single and doesn't want to date just anybody.


7 years ago

Bushra Gohar

RT @Razarumi: In 1999 General Musharraf appointed a long term caretaker with 'experts' like Shaukat Aziz. The country was poorer, more f ...


7 years ago

Wilhelm II

How long will Obama stick with Jeb Bush as sec of Ed? Will he offer Job to Arne Duncan in 2nd term?


7 years ago

Aniefon Hillary

Wen both of them cary lon term injury RT"@ete_ubom: When will the annoying comparison between Messi and Ronaldo ever end?"


7 years ago


RT @TheRealGSeven: Hate to love me, or love to hate me, either way it's a term of endearment... Ima do what I feel anyhow


7 years ago

Tenacious Toys

@creodesign in the art toy world it is a derogatory term that is often misused by people upset about something


7 years ago

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