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🏳️‍🌈Lady Paxie of Kick Ass, Duchess of Win🏳️‍🌈

@Ribbedkilla Dude, if I can get my laptop set up to stream from, I’ll totally do a co op with you. I might suck, de…

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ash | AU 📌

wait i just remembered that once at work I was talking with a co worker about BTS and the dude coming up to the reg…

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Joel Santos

📹 cyberni: snowcoeurl-xiv: splybox: thatpettyblackgirl: WHAT THE FUUUUCK This dude got caught in the...

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Pragmatic Bent

@AprilLigeia @NoScienceDenial @Charlesthornt @asignfromheavan @merlyn413 @A__Stout @HitchSlapU @VincyBigJ @daz1992…

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